Managing Your Nest Egg For The Long Term

Are you close to retiring? Already retired? Do have a solid plan in place to provide inflation-adjusted income for the rest of your life? The Income for Life Model® at Integrated Financial Management is designed to help you create an asset allocation program to generate retirement income you can count on.

Based on the NextPhaseTM Retirement Income Strategy crafted by Securities America, Income for Life is a comprehensive retirement planning program that emphasizes more predictable streams of income, effective risk management practices, and a long-term outlook. You can benefit from the Income for Life program if you:

  • Wonder if you have enough money to retire.
  • Need to understand the tax implications of spending retirement plan assets early.
  • Worry that you will not generate enough income in retirement.
  • Don’t know the rate of return you should target for long-term investing.

Enter the next phase of your life with confidence, knowing that you have utilized the right analysis, the right tools, and the right advice for your financial future through our Income For Life Model®.